A path of reinforcement of Identity

through the symbolism of Colors

The dances of the 7 colors of the Rainbow are a proposal to adults, children and adolescents, to dance and paint the vibration of colors.

Today we know that colors are beneficial for the psyche and participate in the well-being and bioenergy balance of the person.

When we lie in the sun in an open place, our body absorbs the energy of light, light that breaks down, gives rise to Colors.

Colors stimulate an emotional reaction to what is felt and perceived by our eyes and body. Color influences our lives, emotions and perception.

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Each color of the Rainbow is an Archetype that generates various effects on the environment, the human being and his Psyche. Through the presence of The Colors and their evocation through the dances, there are myriades of sensations, emotions and movements that result in an expansion of Identity.

Dancing in succession the 7 colors of the Iris, through the dances of Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue-Blue, Indaco and Purple, generates an existential Alchemy and an intense energy transmutation.

The workshops are aimed at adults who want to make a path of personal growth and enhance self-esteem.

The workshops aimed at children and adolescents arouse a great enthusiasm and euphoria since I allow free expression of self in an evolutionary phase that has so much need of expression to affirmation.

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