Biodanza an innovative pedagogy between Art, Science and Love

"Biodanza is a system of human integration, organic renewal, affective re-education and reling of the original functions of life." Rolando Toro Araneda

The School of Biodanza R. Toro del Triveneto, based in Padua, since 2001 carries out holistic professional training activities using the Biodanza method, the founding principle of which is the affective re-education to Life. The school path promotes the recovery and expression of healthy emotions, develops relational and social skills, as well as useful theoretical knowledge in education, business, welfare and social.

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The Personal Growth Path

It is aimed at all people who wish to deepen the Biodanza method, embark on a journey of research and self-knowledge, bring more health and joy into their existence, thanks to the reinforcement of their identity and potential. The frequency to the group is like an listener.

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The Professional Training Path

The duration of the full training course is about three and a half years on a monthly basis, with 9-10 seminars per year theoretical-experiential.  Training in Biodanza proposes theoretical learning based on life sciences (psychology, physiology, neuroscience, biology, etc.) and a "vivencial" learning based on the human and relational growth of the person within the group. The comprehensive training course includes 36 seminars and includes an internship with supervision, the elaboration of a final monograph of title. The student receives a WorldWide Biodanza Operator Diploma.

Special attention is given to young people who can integrate their studies with a unique and original vocational training that offers new job prospects in the social, educational and personal care fields. There is a discounted participation fee.  Formative Credit: 15 ECP (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) 12 ECP (Saturday and Sunday).

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A School for Health and Happiness!

Vocational training in Biodanza is used in:

  • Educational: projects for teachers and classes, educators
  • Social: projects to prevent hardship and promote social integration
  • Socio-health: as a complementary activity in the aid professions

The SRT School has accompanied many people in the growth process and has tittled more than 90 facilitators in six full cycles. The seventh cycle is currently underway.

The guidelines

Raffaella Zanetto and Sandra Salmaso have been collaborating for many years in cultivating a quality space where identity can flourish and personal growth foster, combined with continuous vocational training. They take care of the Management and take care of the teaching in the School of Biodanza of Triveneto - Sicool.

Both formed directly by the creator of the Biodanza, Prof. Rolando Toro Araneda in the 1st Cycle of the Model School in Italy (1990), were appointed by himself As directors of the School of Biodanza SRT of Triveneto in 2000. They accompany with professionalism and in a personalized way the students to optimize their path, invite teachers of excellence and experience, cultivate a professional network with tutor teachers who accompany the path and disseminate Biodanza in the social sphere.

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