Biodanza and Contact Education

"The creation of this extension is a contribution to the repertoire of professional assistance and the formation of an emotional continent within the existential sphere. It allows to incorporate fundamental categories of movement, kinestist pleasure, eroticism and regression and, at the same time, create through a methodological application based in the progressiveness of the exercises and the proposed touches, the optimal conditions of safety to abandon oning on to a regressive state and to live naturally the pleasure of physical contact".  (Rolando Toro Araneda, 1996)

Biodanza and Education of Contact, was born in 1996, since then it has developed into a methodology of Education to Good Contact in education, social and socio-health

We believe it is essential to foster contact and communication through courses, training and research, so that children first receive loving contact from birth and that good contact becomes a social value of help and well-being within everyone's reach.

24 years of know-how have allowed us to expand Contact Education in Italy and abroad with great success!

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We are passionate about spreading:

  • · The Good Contact: Source of Affective Intelligence
  • · The New Frontiers of Intelligence: Emotional, Affective, Inter-Adjective
  • · Good Contact between parents and children
  • · Good Contact: Seed of Self-Esteem
  • · Good Contact Tools for Relationships and Aid Professions
  • · The Childhood Massage: a practice of love between parents and children

The main objective: the learning of the "Good Contact" to acquire presence and an integrated and constant perception of oneself and the other so as to best express its potential in relationships.

Recipients: parents, couples, educators, health and rehabilitation professionals and also anyone who wants to improve their relationship capacity through a "Good Contact".

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The training path

Through Biodanza and Contact Education, you learn to promote physical contact, caress and massage during a Biodanza session.

The theoretical themes that support the importance and the need to live with Harmony, Naturalness and Fullness the Loving Contact from birth throughout our existence are deepened.

We learn the categories of the Human Movement, which are translated into different touch modes: rhythm, fluidity, sensuality, sensitivity, lightness, extension etc...

It deepens its affective-motor integration that leads to a massage induced by the livencia, unique in the "here and now" and that responds to the needs of those who receive it.

In Italy and abroad

Many Biodanza operators have taken this specialization by participating in the training that I have been offering regularly since 1996 and promote in national and international territory courses, seminars and workshops of Biodanza and Contact Education also in the field (in schools of all order and grade), in social (reception homes, social events), in the socio-health sector (hospital companies, RSA, rehabilitation centers)

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