Since 1985, in parallel with my work activity and animated by the desire for inner growth, I have embarked on a path of self-training, research and study, both in Italy and abroad, which led me to develop my knowledge and to practice bodily and harmonization techniques through bioenergy, meditation, massage, Egyptian classical dance and Reiki.

At the end of the 1990s my continuous research led me to discover and embrace an extraordinary evolutionary path called Biodanza, to practice it and to train, in 2005, as a Trained Operator of Biodanza.

It was my arrival to a practice that I try to spread with passion and that still accompanies my existential path!

Since then I have been conducting weekly groups and in-depth internships for adults, both in Italy and abroad, while dedicating myself to the spread of the Biodanza System in the institutional field.

In the three years 2016/2018, I held the position of President of the Italian Association of Biodanza Operators. (BIOITA)

In order to deepen the proposal of the Biodanza System aimed at people for ever greater integration and personal growth, I have perfected my training by specializing in the following applications:

  • The Tree of Wishes
  • Minotaur Project
  • Biodance and the 4 Elements
  • Biodance and Original Color Dances
  • Biodanza and Contact Education
  • Biodanza in Nature
  • Biodance and Clay
  • Biodanza and Neosciamanism
  • Biodanza and Zodiac Signs
  • Biodanza and the Hero's Path
  • Redemption from Masculinity and Deep Femininity