Specific objectives

1. Learning/reinforcing the ability to get involved within a peer group in a dynamic of reflection and confrontation where personal characteristics and resources elsewhere may emerge, in a climate of sharing, which is not fully expressed elsewhere.

2. To encourage practical, cognitive, social, communicative and affective-emotional skills, through the concrete activity of the laboratory, to better define the perception of self and reality, giving space to a spontaneous dialectic on the themes of one's physical and psychological self within a container protected and monitored by the adult educator.

What is Biodanza

The method consists of a set of individual, couple and group exercises proposed through a Gestalt between music, heartfelt movement and meeting in the group.

Biodanza does not refer to a particular form of psychotherapy or dance understood as ballet, but has a broader meaning that includes the concept of "movement of life" which reminds everyone to the uniqueness of their project. Despite being included in contemporary therapeutic dances, the proposal is mainly pedagogical, as it offers a path of personal growth through the development of human potentials: 'it is a Pedagogy of Life', since it seeks to establish healthy lifestyle behaviors, reinforcing the "healthy part" that each possesses, depending on personal well-being.

His methodology, with bodily mediation, aims to increase the ability to experience with intensity and presence every moment and to facilitate the expression of one's emotional and affective world.

What is Biodanza

"The educational action of Biodance towards children aims to awaken in them the healthiest stimuli towards life, giving them the opportunity to express themselves and to orient themselves in an authentic and healthy way. A Biocentric Education is a re-education of living, where the educator learns, not only through the cognitive, but also through perception, sensory, intuition, self-expression in relation to the other. the more pleasant the situations experienced, the more the learning processes are strengthened" (Rolando Toro)

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