Fluidity and Pleasure

The purity of the original essence

Aquatic Biodanza is an extension of Biodanza that is achieved in a pool of 1.20 meters deep at the temperature of 35-36 degrees. The proposed movement is sweet and awakens joy, well-being and pleasure.

The sensations of fluidity, pleasure, lightness increase confidence and harmony with the water element and restore harmony to our emotions. In the caress of hot water and in the relaxation of the cradle so comfortable, it is possible to live a great nourishment of the senses accompanied by an experience of Rebirth.

"The feeling of revitalization and harmony that is produced, prepares in the person new forms of actions and relationships with others" - Rolando Toro Araneda

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The Exercises

Playful exercises, slowed movement, cenestesic sensitivity, fluidity of gesture and body contact awaken the pleasure of a flexible and harmonious movement that deeply dissolves tensions and rigidities. The exercises induce deep regression states that stimulate organic renewal and psychological well-being.

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The benefits

The benefits of Aquatic Biodance act on the psycho-physical and emotional level and bring over time greater health and well-being.

Easily and immediately you will feel:

  • Relaxation and quietness (stress reduction)
  • Chronic muscle tension dissolution
  • Increased good mood and a sense of lightness (antidepressant effect)
  • Increased body pleasure and vital energy
  • New feelings of affectivity and harmony combined with feelings of peace and serenity
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Incoming news

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Who is it addressed to?

Aquatic Biodanza is ideal for all people who feel the need to regenerate from stress and live relaxing moments of break. For those who wish to reappropriate a pleasant contact with their body, redeem the spontaneity and joy of sensuality and for those who intend to undertake a significant renewal in their lives.

Feelings awaken a sense of rebirth.

Water has always been a symbol of life and rebirth: its movement accompanies and regenerates life.

"From the earth comes water, from the water comes the soul" - Heraclite

"Water is the force that temps you, in the water you find yourself and you renew yourself." E. Montale

"People travel on water. People write, sing, dance, and dream of water.


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