Ben-Be Self-esteem Communication

The Evolutionary Path in Biodanza

Biodanza is a path of personal growth aimed at Ben - Being of the person and the development of Identity.  Through music are proposed dance exercises that stimulate the best potential by dissolving tensions, increasing vitality, resistance to stress, improving our self-esteem, cheerfulness, the joy of living.

Constant practice opens up the possibility of regeneration in the space of about two hours, cultivating the listening of oneself and the body, learning new languages to express yourself better, live healthy emotions and improve one's communicativeness.

In the present moment lived "here and now" the participant is invited to recover his natural, expressive, creative, emotional movement and to begin a journey of self-expression together with others.

The Weekly Biodanza Course allows for an ongoing experience aimed at stabilizing internal and emotional balance and improving psychophysical well-being. It is open to all those who wish to make healthy changes in habits and lifestyles, improve their lives and relationships.

The biodance pathway can have a renewable quarterly duration.

The Biodanza In-Depth Course on a weekly basis is indicated to those who wish to live more deeply the process of existential renewal proposed in Biodanza in a regular group and undertake a fundamental experience of affective re-education to life through the practice of coexistence, solidarity, emotional communication.

For those who practice as a teacher, counselor, health professional, wellness worker, naturopath, etc., regular practice is an incentive to practically experience the care and development of human relations in a protected environment 'enriched' with healthy, non-judgmental and welcoming stimuli, to strengthen personal identity and self-esteem according to biocentric orientation.