What is Biodanza

Biodanza is a gradual path of personal growth through which people open themselves to their own feeling, express it through movement and rediscover the fullness of being themselves in the intensity and poetry of the present moment.

It is a way of DANZARE accessible to all, simple and joyful, to rediscover the pleasure of feeling the body with spontaneity and naturalness.

Through the expression of body language,Biodanza gradually leads us into the world of the most natural and nutritious emotions such as joy, joy, the pleasure of rediscovering one's innate gestures and developing the expression of one's personal talents.

Biodanza exercises are free dances that do not follow aesthetic patterns or specific steps, but the movement comes from an internal emotion (excited movement) and becomes an expression of self and one's uniqueness.

Biodanza is an activity of movement in a group,a determining factor to feel welcomed and supported and to be able to develop a sincere and spontaneous communication with others.

It is an activity through which one cultivates the encounter with the other and where every gesture, integrated with one's own feeling, contributes to reduce tension and stress by favoring the reinforcement of one's personal health.

Music,which is a fundamental instrument of Biodanza, carefully chosen according to semantic principles varies from classical, jazz, ethnic, pop and stimulates emotions that are expressed in the movement.

You learn to live in the present moment.

You don't need to know how to dance, just want to feel life!

Why try to practice Biodanza?

  • To regain the pleasure of movement, increased sensitivity to body language and increase body awareness.
  • It develops the ability to be ourselves, to rediscover one's natural rhythms and to live with intensity and totality every experience of life.
  • It improves relationships, facilitates friendship, stimulates elective affinities and allows new forms of human contact.
  • It improves mood and vitality and helps to develop your potential.
  • Improves communication modes.
  • It frees existential creativity outside of cultural and environmental models and conditionings.
  • It facilitates emotional expression and the ability to find new motivations for existence.
  • It promotes a new sensitivity to life through the discovery of its deepest and most wonderful aspects.

Who is it addressed to?

Everyone can participate, it is not necessary to know how to dance, no special skills are required except curiosity and desire to express themselves.

How to practice

Biodanza is practiced only in groups.

The Group allows and supports self-expression without judgment, offers a stimulating and supportive environment where everyone is welcomed in its uniqueness.

Biodanza's proposal is:

  • Experiential theoretical presentation session
  • Weekly course lasting about 2 hours
  • Seminar/Thematic stage proposed during the weekend, one or two days, for initiants or in-depth

Biodanza does not propose a pattern of behavior: each person comes into contact with himself in a personal process, offers his own genetic model of vital responses.

Note:Not intended to teach a coded dance or gymnastics exercises.

Biodanza does not require any experience or technical skill, but only curiosity and desire to express itself with the natural movements of the body.

Comfortable clothing and slippery socks are useful.


Biodanza exercises are carefully structured in relation to a 'theoretical model' and are realized through the universal language of music favoring psychophysical Harmony.

There are several types of exercises:

  • Individual
  • As a couple
  • As a group

Each exercise has a precise goal according to the guidance of the facilitator.