Human development

Benefits of Biodanza

The development of our lives' potential is not always harmonious and balanced. In some cases, only a few are developed at the expense of others or develop insufficiently and incompletely. The practice of Biodanza reinforces the aspects already matured and activates by stimulating those underdeveloped by integrating and harmonizing them together.

Human growth occurs, according to biodance theory, stimulating healthy emotions and their harmonic expression through natural and spontaneous movement within an emotionally integrated group.


Increased vital energy, experience of emotion integrated movement, stress regulation ability. Healthy balance between activity and rest, movement and stillness, acting and feeling.


Increased ability to feel the body a source of pleasure for himself and for others. Increased sexual desire and the ability to enter into physical intimacy with each other. In general increase in the ability to live the small and great pleasures of life.


Increased capacity for self-expression. Increase the ability to innovate, create, renew oneself and one's life.


Openness to human encounter. Increased ability to live love, friendship, solidarity, altruism. Generosity and a feeling of brotherhood.


Increased states of fullness and harmony. Feeling part of everything that exists: nature, humanity, the universe. Increased unitary holistic vision capacity. Perception of the wonderful.

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Neurophysical Effects

The action of biodance on the functional polarity of the brain.

Starting with neurophysiological studies on the complexity of brain circuits and on the neuro-dynamic basis of emotion and considering the inputs of researchers such as Mac Lean, J. Rof Carballo, the biodance methodology aims to stimulate in the body a temporary decrease in the function of control and vigilance exercised by the cerebral cortex in order to allow greater expression of limbic-hypothalamic impulses.

The limbic structure – hypothalamic closely linked to the expression of instincts, vivencias (the experience of feeling), emotions and affections is responsible for the coordination between the biological functions of the organism (e.g. hunger, thirst, etc.) and the needs of survival. It is a supplementary system that promotes flexible (adaptive) behaviour models that respond to the basic vital needs of instinct and affectivity.

The action of Biodanza on the right hemisphere

Biodanza mainly stimulates the right hemisphere, as it uses a non-verbal methodology and has an integral function, stimulates tactile sensitivity and musical perception, in order to compensate for the imbalance caused by a culture that prefers cognitive, rational and analytical functions at the expense of unconscious, unifying and integral functions.

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The action of Biodance on the autonomic nervous system

There is an alternation of action of the Biodance exercises on each of the two subsets of the Autonomous Nervous System:

Exercises that strengthen the sense of identity activate the Orthosismpathetic System that acts by stimulating and preparing the organism to the reactions of defense and response to emergency situations.

Exercises that slow down movement sensitize to the affective dimension, lead to physiological refreshment states predisposing to sleep and rest and activate the parasympathetic system responsible for cellular repair functions and protection against stress.

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Spicological effects

Biodanza reinforces the lives (experiences lived in the present moment), emotions and healthy feelings, such as joy, fullness, enthusiasm, confidence, brotherly affection, strength, self-confidence, serenity, courage, etc.

In Biodanza, only healthy forms of expression are reinforced

Much more important than the expression of emotions as an outlet, is the adequate and sincere expression of emotions, the coherence of expressiveness.

There is a very rich repertoire of expressive dances that release one's emotional and creative potential.

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Existential effects

Biodanza aims to redeem the intrinsic value of existence, expressed in the uniqueness of every moment lived.

For Rolando Toro there is the possibility for the human being to live better, intensely, and to be happy because "happiness, paradise, is nothing more than a form of greater sensitivity before life."

The search for self in Biodanza is accomplished through a deep awareness of life that is in oneself, in the other and in nature.

There are no solutions to the mysteries that permeate human existence, but the possibility of sharing them in love.

Some of the essential purposes of Biodanza are:

  • Encouraging affectivity in the human being, such as tenderness, love, friendship, solidarity, empathy to develop good respectful and authentic human relationships
  • Awakening 'the musical man' as he potentially possesses all the harmonies and resonances of the universe (according to the poet Novalis)
  • Orientation towards feeling life rather than thinking about it
  • To feel that we are not isolated beings and that we participate in the unifying movement of the cosmos
  • Feeling an intimate bond with nature and with others
  • Bringing more happiness into everyday life and increasing self-esteem
  • Having easy access to the joy of living and the joy of loving