This year the desire to dance together is great and it is to know and meet the proposed figures of particular women.

In human history, in different cultures, we often meet people whose commitment or lifestyle has been a push towards the evolution of a more human transformation society or of our personal path of growth.
Many of these figures are women, more or less famous, but all of them use their potential to transform reality.

The path we propose "Women and their transformative powers", following the Biodanza method, is a tool of self-knowledge.
It brings the stories of so many women who dared to challenge the Social Rules of Their time overcoming even discredit and isolation. They are not better or important than us, they simply agreed to live their transforming potential.

The qualities of these inspiring women are present in all of us.
To develop our potential require courage and it is necessary to grasp it with the heart!

Get married to dance them with us, in the Women's House, which represents the space for moments of deep sharing, of together, of joy and discovery of the richness of the feminine !
We can grow and fully enjoy our lives by supporting ourselves and feminine dedicate ourselves in these gender spaces to rediscover the Principle of gender.


May 6, 2022
Empathy - Lakshmi Sehgal | Tenderness - Chimanda | Care - Josefina Lema | Self-love - Luz de fuego

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Pleasure - Madonna | Passion - Frida Kahlo | Creativity - Torsila do Amoral | Expression - Pagu

events already realized:

November 5, 2021  
Self-esteem - Elza Soares | Integrity - Simone De Beauvoir | Freedom - Emma Goldman | Resilience - Maria de Penha

February 11, 2022
Introspection - Silvia Plath |  Intuition - Maria Curie | Vision - Vandana Shiva | Wisdom - Angela Davis

March 11, 2022
Justice - Violetta Parra | Courage - Anita Garibaldi | Autonomy - Juana Azurduy | Solidarity - Meena Kamal

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AND SPECIAL... we propose again the path of the Women's Tents, which has been much appreciated and has given great effects.

It is useful for the woman to look inside, in an intimate space to feel more confident in meeting the daily routine. La Tenda is the place dedicated to giving space and value to your feel inner with other women.

The Tent will have various colors , according to the needs we feel along the path of self-knowledge.

In the Tent we will be able to re-meet, meet new friends, dance and be able to truly give ourselves a new vision of our potentials and our Life.

WHITE TENT - 3 December 2021 - online

We begin our journey inside the Tents with the color White: like a white sheet in front of us where everything begins, "a silence full of potential" to which we will give new impetus with dance and we will be able to create "from the inner dream" a new existential vision.

PURPLE TENT - 17 January 2022 - online

At the moment when winter invites us to retire to our homes, we enter with sensitivity into a space deeper than ourselves, to rediscover the mystery of the feminine and to nourish ourselves with what unchanged, precious and alive nourishes our being women every day: our essence.

RED TENT - 14 March 2022 - online

The Red Tent is a very ancient custom, it is an all-female moment, a sacred place that allows you to express the complicity that has always strongly linked women. In the Red Tent also called "lunar tent" we will dance the Rites of Initiation of passage of women: menarche, motherhood, menopause.

GREEN TENT - 23 May 2022 - online

It is the time of awakening, of the liberation of vital energy and of regeneration. The Green Tent is the manifestation of the fertility of the Earth. Love guides us towards the renewal, care and protection of Life in ourselves, in others and in the Universe.

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