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Workshops for the development and free expression of creative potential

"Before serving art, expression serves life, the project that is at the bottom of every human being"

What isexpression? Expression is the human ability to express sensations, emotions and feelings in a personal, sincere and authentic way.

What is creativity? Creativity is the innate potential, manifestation of life itself, which allows you to express yourself in a unique and unrepeatable way, respecting originality, personal innovation and inner impulses.

Every human being is the architect of his own creation.
It is possible to create and innovate our existence.

Paths to joyfully and creatively unleash your emotions, desires, intuitions and explore your talents and creative resources.

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The greatest work of art is you!

Enhance the treasure you are

Creativity creatività is a natural function,an extension of the life process.  Even before it is artistic, it is primarily existential and has a clear biological origin: it is linked to the instinct of exploration, to the impulses of innovation present in living organisms and culminates in human creativity.

Creativity labs

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Encourage the development of potential personal creatives and the integration of body identity.

Laboratory Paths are useful for overcoming conditioning, stereotypes and passivity, promoting lifestyle changes, feeling and transforming emotions, feeling the body as a source of pleasure and as a creative potential to explore.

Encouraging creative resources and personal initiative, improving self-esteem, experimenting with new communication skills, seeking new forms of personal expression.

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Labs use the Biodanza method and other expressive proposals.

  • Creative and artistic non-verbal language: music and body movement integrated with emotion
  • Natural expressive abilities: voice, creative movement, design
  • The use of expressive materials: colors, clay, paper, fabrics, musical instruments etc...
  • The poetic language
  • The creation of personal works
  • Creating improvisation, choreography and works in groups
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Enriched environment

Theenriched environment proposed in Biodanza creates many nutritional stimuli to experiment:

  • Respect for the uniqueness of each individual
  • The absence of judgment and comparison
  • Freedom and courage to dare
  • The continued enhancement of the free expression of everyone within the group

freedom, expression, curiosity, interpretation, improvisation, invention, sensitivity, inspiration, variations, exit from the schemes, intuition, imagination, fantasy, research etc...

Being creative and authentic means affording total freedom to transform, grow and renew!

Biodanza and Creativity Labs

Workshop sessions and seminars

Thematic seminars:

  • Biodance and clay
  • Biodanza and pictorial currents
  • Biodanza and painting
  • Biodanza: vocals, music and percussion
  • Biodanza and poetry
  • Biodanza and singing

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