Want to get to know Biodanza more closely? Presentation sessions are ideal for testing Biodanza and discovering its benefits.

The Biodanza session includes an initial verbal presentation aimed at raising awareness of the healthy aspects related to the body movement and the poetics of the gesture, human potential, contact with one's emotions, encounter and communication with others, etc. (validated by scientific knowledge and neuroscience).

The session follows with the practical experience of movements and dances with music that aim for motor and affective-motor integration.

Biodanza does not follow fixed patterns or specific steps, but invites you to feel your body, to move with pleasure and to discover your natural movements.

  • It is a discipline suitable for men and women of all age groups.
  • You don't need to know how to dance or have special motor skills.
  • It is enough to wear comfortable and light clothing and ... want to experience yourself!
  • Presentations are free and open to everyone. It is welcome booking phone call.
  • It is possible to ask to participate in a first free trial even at the beginning of the course after registration by phone.

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