Biodanza in companies

Companies whose work team possesses, in addition to industry work skills, relational skills based on empathy attract more customers, as they easily intercept needs and meet the customer's demand for quality and professionalism.

What are the specific skills that enhance business success?

They are the human organizational values in the management and performance of the company.

Biodanza and Team Building Strengths

MOTIVATION: reinforcement and optimization of personal resources, resulting in an increase in the level of personal and business well-being.

REALITY:Easier to perform tasks and tasks with reduced stress levels. Satisfaction at work. Ecology and safety in the workplace.

INNOVATION: development of creative thinking and flexible capacity to express personal potentials in the service of well-organized and fluid optimization.

REPORTS: practice and development of healthy relational skills aimed at cooperation and integration in the working team also understood as prevention of the sense of discomfort, inadequacy and isolation. Increased self-esteem and staff enhancement.

VISIONI/VALORI: the development of a collective corporate consciousness that helps to achieve a shared vision based on both personal responsibility and the strength of the group.

Well-being in the working group

The guidelines of human intervention in the experience of the Biodanza methodology applied to the staff in the company, are based on the development of the relational well-being of the employee in the working group that allows the achievement in a short time of effective goals and success of the company's goals.

Effects on staff and company:

  • Increased production effectiveness
  • Reducing the disease rate
  • Developing well-being in the workplace
  • Teamwork
  • Conflict resolution
  • Positive customer responses

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