Biodanza in Nature

This proposal of Biodanza allows us to resent and rebuild humanity's bond with nature by discovering the CONNECTION with LIFE and a new awareness of being in contact with the 4 Elements.

Return to hear the elements, breathe, touch, lie down and contemplate through the music of the wind and leaves.

Feel the stillness of the mountain and the spring, notice a wild animal, smell a small flower, touch a mighty rock, immerse yourself in the purity of the peaks. It's a return experience to TERRA!

Loving means knowing, creating an intimate and deep bond that lasts over time, which is made up of daily gestures that feed the wonder of the other and of life.  To love the earth means to respect it, to protect it, to know it, to increase the awareness that we are part of it.  Sensitize our perception to feel his breath, feel the heartbeat of his heart.

Biodanza and Neosciamanism

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Biodanza and Neosciamanism

In the ancient shamanic vision, the whole nature is alive and animated. The shaman lives in tune with the spiritual forces that animate nature and the cosmos and from them draws his powers.

It knows how to harmonize human life with that of the natural world and with the cycles of the Earth, it knows how to contemplate and transform energy tones.

The internship of Biodanza and Shamanism offers us the opportunity to deepen the connection with Pacha-mama thanks to its beauty, its myths, its strength, its sacred mountains.

An invitation to recover and deepen the awareness of the deep connection that binds us to our planet, to develop a relationship of care, of mutual responsibility, of balance between giving and receiving, of thanks to Pacha-mama.

In the FANES Valley... we have been year after year for more than twenty years in contact with marmots and ibex, in contact with ourselves and the wind.

In these unspoiled places it is easier to meet the depth of nature's simple and secret harmonies. Nature in Fanes is untouched.  Walking through the mountains brings the strength of a return to Mother Earth, you become more friends of yourself, of companions, of Nature and of Life, our vivencias will lead us to open the Heart by filling it with Beauty for these enchanting places and joy for sharing with the group.

The art of healing yourself and others is much more than a technique: it is a continuous training to connect with Life, with elements, with animals and plants and in Fanes this is easier!

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