Creating a happy couple life together to dance life...

... is our proposal as a couple!

Our paths are dedicated to deepening non-verbal communication modes that allow us to enter into greater affective and erotic intimacy with the partner through the application of Biodanza, Contact Education and Biointegrating Sensual Massage.

In addition to the non-verbal communication that prefers the expression of poetic gesture and the eutonic and empathetic rapprochement of bodies, Biodanza and also Education to Good Contact, are accompanied by exercises of verbal communication, cultivating, in this case the joy of a dedicated poem or an intimate dialogue aimed at enhancing each other.

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Biodanza for couples is also a social pedagogy!

Increasing the Harmony of the Couple is a resource for the whole family, fostering good relations between the members.

The ecological couple as a path of growth means re-evaluating the intimacy of the couple through a more conscious and richer contact and being stimulated to qualification and mutual recognition.

Biodanza's approach is based on the concept of "Ecological Couple" developed by Rolando Toro presupposes a project of life together in which each of the two brings their own skills to promote the growth of both and the couple.

Our meetings are thematic according to a gradual development that leads to increase communication and intimacy in young couples and to renew and invigorate what with the passage of time in the more mature couple may have faded.

The couple exercises will be carried out with their partner to strengthen the understanding, the excited listening and the pleasure of reciprocity.

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