Teacher of Physical Ed. in school (1978). As a dancer I have been active for many years in the world of modern and contemporary dance, and organizer of international dance seminars with prestigious artists, perfomers, choreographers.

I dedicated myself to practicing some healthy and expressive techniques such as Theatre-dance, Yoga, Tai-chi, etc.

I followed a path of personal evolution and service for the person with vibrational therapy under the guidance of Roberto Mugliari (1988-90)

I graduated in 1991 in Ayurvedic Massage with master Swami Joythimayananda.

President of the Ass. Cultural "Direct Take" – Center Studies and research on dance in Padua, I have proposed contemporary dance courses at various levels. (1975-88)

A pioneer of Biodanza, I have contributed to the expansion of the Biodanza movement in Italy, organizing in Padua and the province numerous seminars of Biodanza SRT- with the creator Professor. R.Toro Araneda (1988- 97).

I have been a titular operator since 1993, Tutor and Teaching of Biodanza, teacher in the Schools of Biodanza Training, I conduct weekly courses and personal growth internships with the Biodanza method since 1994.

I specialized in various extensions: Aquatic Biodanza, Biodanza and Clay, Biodanza for Children and Adolescents, Project Minotaur, Biodanza and Neosciamanism, Biodanza and Dance of Original Colors, Biodanza and Painting, Biodanza and Zodiac Archetypes, Biodanza and the Arcane of Tarot, Biodanza and Integration of Women.

I currently live in Padua.

"I have always loved dance as the most intense, joyful and integrated form of the infinite potential of the human being. A passion and a wonderful tool to enrich one's Identity and to realize the project of one's life.

I immediately fell in love with the Biodanza System, seizing its great experiential resources, the powerful creative and emotional message, sharing its theoretical principles on which it is based. Thanks to this learning I have developed a long and happy path of growth.

For many years I have dedicated myself with passion and intimate conviction, within the School of Triveneto and in groups, to accompany people in their unique and original evolutionary path through the Biodanza method."