I expand the field of applications of Biodanza resulting in various extensions including "Biodanza and Education to Contact" "Biodanza for children and adolescents" "Biodanza and integration of the Feminine" "Biodanza and Tarot " "Biodanza and Zodiac Signs" "Biodanza and the Dances of the original colors" "Angel's Presence".

I am a staunch supporter of the importance of living human encounter travel as a dimension of discovery of myself and others and a source of existential renewal. I visit various countries around the world including India and take part in transformational trips promoted by Myrthes Gonzalez in Brazil, Patagonia, South Africa and in 2011 I walk the path of Santiago.

Tutor and teacher of the Triveneto School of Biodanza Training, I regularly lead groups and internships for adults.

Together with other women I project and conduct monthly meetings on issues of Female Integration.