What is a Biovacation

A holiday with Biodanza is called BIOVACANZA!

It is a very special and inspiring occasion because it gives you the opportunity to live at the same time many situations that make a holiday an enriching and unforgettable moment.

A Biovacanza is always in a special place, carefully chosen, which offers, already in itself, a context of beauty and natural inspiration to promote the regeneration of the organism and where they find themselves, attracted by the magic of Biodanza, people animated by the same search for inner well-being.

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during biovacation

The group, which is prodigiously formed and of which it is experienced, thus represents an extraordinary and unique opportunity for knowledge and personal growth.

The program of a Biovacanza includes one or more Biodanza sessions per day that involve the whole group, after which each, respecting its own rhythms, is free to alternate moments of intimacy with others of sharing free time and freely adhere to proposals of trips and excursions...

The beauty of the chosen places, relaxation, regeneration, the excitement of new encounters and the magic of Biodanza make a Biovacanza a unique and unforgettable experience.

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the pleasures of bioholing...

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