I am a holistic professional under the 4/2013 act accredited by A.I.P.O. For 35 years I have been conducting regular weekly groups and internships for adults, children and adolescents.

I currently live in Padua and contribute to the expansion of Biodanza in the world by moving to different countries between Italy, Europe and America.

I am a Lecturer in the formations of schools and in the Teaching Courses of Biodanza.

For 30 years I have dedicated myself "to the Art of Dosing the Contact in Massage" by disclosing an appropriate terminology to retrain contact in socio-cultural terms creating definitions such as: "Good Contact", "Education to Contact"; "Educating for Good Contact", "The Cradle," "Laughing Massage," "Biointegration Massage" with public lectures and conferences, leading groups and individual treatments.

I am the author of the book The Hands That Feed, Vivivita 2013 editions.

In 1989 I became an operator of Psychic Massage and "Vibrational Techniques" with the direct teaching of Master Baba Bedi. I specialized in Plantar Reflexology, Lymph drainage and Metamorphic massage and since '93 I have led groups of "Approach to the Art of Massage" and "Psychic Dance".

In 1996, under the supervision of Prof. Rolando Toro I created the Extension of "Biodanza and Contact Education", specialization course for the operators of the Biodanza system in the world, which is based on the progressiveness and the Art of dose the Contact.

In 2008, with the supervision of Prof. Rolando Toro I created the Extension of "Biodanza and The Dances of Original Colors", specialization course for the operators of the Biodanza system in the world.

In 2005 I began to conduct training projects in the Ulss (Ulss5 Valdagno; Ulss 16 Padua; Ipasvi Padua/Lucca) proposing in-depth courses to improve the relationship of help with good contact. It collaborates with various bodies in the socio-health field, among them: Lichtemburg of Nalles (Bz); nurses Nursind union in Vicenza; training school in Midwifery in Triveneto; The Parenthood Association of Padua.

In May 2012 I organized together with Dr. Sergio Signori the 1st Conference "LE MANI THAT NUTRONO" - The Education to Contact for an Empathetic Society with the presence of Michel Odent and Giuliana Mieli, followed by other Conferences in 2013; 2014; 2016, 2019.

The Biodanza extensions that I created with the collaboration of Professor. Rolando Toro and his supervision are:

1996 Biodanza and Contact Education (to date more than 400 Biodanza operators have specialized)

2008 Biodanza and The Original Color Dances (to date more than 200 Biodanza operators have specialized)

Here are my other specializations in Biodanza:

- Minotaur Project

- Wish Tree

- Biodanza and Clay

- Biodance for children and adolescents

- Laboratory of Creativity

- Female Integration

- Voice and percussion

- Biodanza and 4 elements

- Aquatic biodance

- Neo-shamanism

- Survey to the unknown

- Biodanza and Tarot

- Biodanza and Zodiac Signs

- Angel's present

-Love and Sexuality Biodanza for Couples

- Biodanza and Painting